Cell phones falling into water are comically common and disturbing at the same time. It needs some quick action as well as damage control. In order to salvage the situation, there are a few things that you can do. Get it out of water quickly and dismantle all parts. The SIM card should be saved first as it contains all data. The device should be put into absorbing towels and dried off.

A good technique to achieve that is to ward off the phone into a sealed plastic bag with silica packs. You have to be very patient and not put in the battery to check the status of the phone as it can result in short-circuit.

Don’t heat up the battery, even when you are using a hair-dryer or alcohol. These standard methods are reserved for the outer mechanism only. In fact, investing in a new battery is recommended by most mechanical experts. If the phone fell onto sea water or unclean water, it should be washed with distilled water before drying. If you don’t have the confidence to tackle this, take your phone to a local repair shop. They might know the tricks to resurrect your device successfully.

One can never be too careful in protecting a phone because, accidents are prone to happen I know but try to keep your mobile phone away from the washing machine, the bathtub, swimming pool and any other water filled area.

If your phone falls into water, take it out and turn it off immediately. The longer time it spends there, the more water quickly passes in through the openings in the phone.
Bring it to us.
We understand the importance of having your phone in perfect condition and this makes our experts to dedicate their time to remove every drop of water in your phone, making sure that every part of the phone is checked for damage in the process and immediately repaired.