Our Team

With respect to expertise and excellent jobs, we are a team that thinks ahead and builds a support system that anyone can easily reach out to and have quick answers regarding their electronic devices such as phones, tablets, PCs, televisions and even your gaming consoles.

The most noted attribute of our team is the level of priority given to each repair job brought to us, we always make out time to communicate with the owner of the device before getting to work on it, each device owner is treated special and have their minds relaxed while we get to find the fault of the device and fix it.

We get in our team, experts who are specialists in electronic diagnostics. They work tirelessly to learn new things about electronics and are involved in finding the fault with any device brought to us for repairs.

Our team members are detail oriented, are experienced in working on PC and Apple products and work with different companies both large scale and small scale to fix their electronic devices. Our team members are skilled in working with a wide range of platforms such as OSX, Linux and Windows. And always provide the best possible solution for every problem brought to us.

Due to the nature of our job, we take every device brought to us personal and when a team member that is attending to a client is faced with a situation that is not his specialty, the expert takes over and explains the fault to the client in simple terms that are understandable before proceeding to fix it.

Apart from electronic repairs, each member of our team has a good time when they are free. This reflects in the quality of work they do. A satisfied staff does excellent job. We know that and make sure team members have free time to carry out their own thing.

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