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If your device breaks, don't panic. We offer a huge range of mobile phone & tablet repair services.


If you are in Hull just drop-in your phone to our premises, your other option is sending your phone. We offer free postage with all mobile phone & tablet repairs. Just get in touch with us to arrange it.


Our trained technicians will repair your mobile phone or tablet device quickly & efficiently, keeping you informed all the way.


Choose the delivery method that matches your requirements. We will make sure your repaired device is returned safely.


Android 7 Nougat

Are you looking for Android repair or unlocking? We carry out large number of mobile repairs every day and help you fix the device.

Computer Virus Removal

The worst nightmare. "Virus" can affect your computer performance and mess-up your work and assessment, we can help you clean your computer and backup your important files.

Apple iOS 10.0

Using the latest diagnostic tools, we are equipped in diagnosing the problem and making your phone or tablet repair happen.

Hardware Upgrade

When you need more performance from your computer, then it's time to upgrade the hardware to speed it up, certainly we can offer you that with very reasonable price.

Windows Phone 10

Solving your networking problem, hardware problems or software problems for your desktop PC and Laptop.

Desktop System

Our aim to minimize the problem from reoccurring and offers you low cost repair work that is essential for your computer.

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With respect to expertise and excellent jobs, we are a team that thinks ahead and builds a support system that anyone can easily reach out to and have quick answers regarding their electronic devices such as phones, tablets, PCs, televisions and even your gaming consoles. The most noted attribute of our team is the level of priority given to each repair job brought to us, we always make out time to communicate with the owner of the device before getting to work on it- each device owner is treated special and have their minds relaxed while we get to find the fault of the device and fix it.

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Many mobile network companies lock mobile devices to their networks so that they cannot be accessed by any other cellular networks other than that of theirs. One cannot also use any free network sim cards in their phones if they have bought a phone that is locked with a particular mobile network to be able to use your locked.
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This is the reason why it is important to approach a professional to unlock your phone so that you can use the cheapest and the best sim card in the device. We can unlock all makes and models of phone quickly and efficiently. This is also beneficial if you are visiting another country and want to use local sim card to avoid expensive roaming charges.
Mobiles phone have become an inseparable part of our lives. We can now surf the web, log onto our social networking websites or just carry out leisure activities for hours on your phones without getting bored. But, what happens if you are just quietly going through your Whatsapp messages and before you can realize the phone just shatters.
Use the flat screwdriver to pry up the old battery and avoid touching any wires on the system. Remove the glue-held wires with the same tool and bring in a soldering iron to detach them. Taking out the battery and then replacing it should be done is exact semblance. Putting in a new battery should be easier.
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Gallery Before – After

iPhone 6
Screen on this phone was demolished. We have change the whole broken screen and replace it with new one.
Samsung Galaxy A5
Screen on this phone was demolished. We have change the whole broken screen and replace it with new one.
iPhone 6s
Screen on this phone was demolished. We have change the whole broken screen and replace it with new one.
HP Laptop Hinges
Hinges on this laptop was damaged. We have changed the hinges and replace it with new one.
fantastic service and staff
Shelley Phillipson
Shelley Phillipson
I won their competition to win a charging mat! It works great and is charging up my husbands Samsung Galaxy S6. Thank you!
Kirsty Johnson
Kirsty Johnson
Thank you for fixing my phone so quickly and being so chatty whilst I waited!
Lauren Jade Bryce
Lauren Jade Bryce
Did my port where charge phone up OK damaged my screen but replaced screen plus repaired pot to very cheap because was there fault what did so recommend if want out doing cheap
Paul Gill
Paul Gill
I broke my screen today and they replaced the screen while I waited it took 20 minutes fantastic service thank you
Adelle Whittaker
Adelle Whittaker
Great service. Fully repairs phones, iPods and iPads. Highly recommended. When I took my phon as good as new. Thank you.
مهدي احمد
مهدي احمد
Quick and quality service. Good prices too. Thanks again.
Phil Wells
Phil Wells
Excellent service! Fast, cheap and friendly
James Lumb
James Lumb
Great service. I lost my phone shortly after paying to have it unlocked. Mosa was so helpful he cancelled the unlocking process and gave me a full refund. Would very highly recommend.
Rose Murby
Rose Murby
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