Remove iPhone, iPad, iMac or MacBook from iCloud account

by | Jul 1, 2017 | Knowledge base, Mac & PC repair, Phone repair, Tablet & iPad Repair, Unlock Your Phone

Have you bought an iPhone and the previous owner didn’t sign off from his/her iCloud account and it was difficult to explain how they can do it, I’m about to explain how you can do it,

  1. On your internet browser address bar to,

    Enter on the address bar

  2. Now you should log in, enter your Apple Id (icloud Id),

    Enter your log in details

  3. once you logged in to your account, you will see all the services that is available, we need to use “Find iPhone” this time. so click on that,

    Choose “Find iPhone”

  4. this what you will see or something similar depends on your map settings, click on “All Devices”,

    If you see this you are on the right page

  5. now you will see a list of all your devices, weather it’s an iPhone or iPad or it’s iMac, we want to remove the iPhone 5 so I will select it, note that the device must be offline, to get the list click at the top “All Devices”

    Tap on “All Devices”

  6. This what you will see, go ahead and click on the device name from the list it could be any other name,

    Choose the device you want to remove

  7. Now you should be able to remove by pressing this little (X),

    Remove from here “X”

  8. confirm it and you are done.

    Click “Remove” To confirm


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