Sometimes, your computer just starts making some grinding sounds that confuse you and makes you begin thinking of dumping it. These sounds can be as a result of different faults.
When you notice any change like this in your computer, bring it to us; we are specialists and will do detailed troubleshooting and diagnostics to detect the cause of the sound before repairing it.

There are hardware problems that are commonly associated with computers like:
• Freezing of the computer
• Computer not coming on.
• Blank screen.
• Computer mouse or keyboard does not function.
If you experience any of this or something you do not understand with your computer, you can call or email us for immediate consultation or bring the computer to us. We will repair it.
Dust and dirt have negative effects on your electronics but sometimes, you cannot help exposing them. For us, all you have to do is to bring your electronics and we will clean up all dust and dirt clogged in hidden places. This is to prevent your electronics from dying on you.